We are committed to continual reinvestment in our people and in our production capabilities.

Pre-Press we have Fujifilm Computer To Plate (CTP) technology. This allows us to quickly produce print plates from the approved artwork. The investment in this technology has provided the benefits of increasing sharpness and detail compared to traditional plate making and reducing lead time for our customers.

We operate 6 Colour Man Roland Lithographic Presses which are a watchword for quality, precision and supreme reliability. Following print we can offer a range of varnishes from high gloss to soft touch.

Cut, Crease and Embossing are undertaken using our Bobst Flat Plate Die Cutters. By combining highly accurate registration with precise sheet control at each stage of the process, flat bed die-cutter offers the ultimate in quality when cutting, creasing or embossing sheet fed material.

If gluing is required we use one of our Bobst Gluer / Folder Lines. We know that nothing matters more than the quality of the final product and our advanced lines deliver quality consistently, time and time again. We can handle all the styles of cartons and sleeves that you would expect.

There are a range of additional finishes that we offer including foil blocking, window patching and lamination to further enhance your finished packaging.